About Fast Business

Fast Business is designed to give those who are ‘heads down’ working hard a ‘heads up’ on emerging trends that can help your business stay ahead of the curve.

You’ll find practical resources and inspiring insights on how technology and people are working together to achieve better business outcomes. Learn about digital innovation and get the expert advice you need to take advantage of the digital future and keep you ahead of the competition.

Whether you are planning, managing, or growing your business, the team is here to help Australian businesses do big to gigantic things. After all, you can’t grow if you don’t know.

Learn how to:

·       Manage your business through transformation
·       Grow your business more efficiently and intelligently
·       Innovate to take advantage of digital opportunities
·       Work more productively


Fast Business is a content portal provided by Canon Business Services Australia. Canon Business Services is more than just a technology supplier. Whether you’re a large corporate, a small business or somewhere in between, Canon understands that each business is unique and specialises in developing and implementing customised document and information management solution for businesses. Contact Canon on 1800 444 199

Find out more about what Canon Business Services Australia has to offer your business.



Abi Gold

Abi Gold is a barrister, mediator, writer and professional skills expert.

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Adam Zuchetti

Adam Zuchetti is a specialist media professional who has worked as a journalist, copywriter, researcher and entrepreneur.

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Amy Birchall

Amy Birchall is the founder and lead content writer of Mint Content, a content marketing agency that helps IT and technology companies tell

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Annisa Dharma

Annisa Dharma is a visual designer and writer with a passion for design, business innovation, art, culture, travel and music.

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Azadeh Williams

Azadeh Williams is an international journalist and editor with over 500 articles published in over five continents.

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Charmaine Teoh

Charmaine Teoh is an experienced business, technology and finance writer, editor and corporate communications professional.

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Chuck Kolyvas

Chuck Kolyvas is an Australian freelance writer and photographer working in content marketing, journalism and copywriting.

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Darren Baguley

Darren Baguley is a freelance journalist and editor who has worked on a plethora of business and technology titles.

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Darryn King

Darryn King is a freelance writer and journalist writing about art, culture and technology.

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Heather Jennings

Heather Jennings is a freelance journalist and content producer with ten years’ experience writing about technology and workplace relations.

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Iain Ferguson

Iain Ferguson is a freelance writer and editor with a keen interest in how technology is changing the way we live and work.

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Iain Hopkins

Iain Hopkins is passionate about words and has been a sub-editor, writer and editor for the past 10 years.

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Joshua Gliddon

Joshua Gliddon is a writer and editor with 20 years experience in business, IT, health and science journalism.

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Kathleen Aoki

Kathleen Aoki is a business professional and freelance writer with over 10 years' experience in the IT industry.

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Kelly Mills

Kelly Mills is a professional journalist with over 15 years experience writing about technology and business.

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Kerrie Brooks

Kerrie Brooks is a freelance copywriter and editor with a degree in Sociology and a post-grad diploma in Marketing.

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Lisa Creffield

Lisa Creffield is an experienced business and technology writer who has worked across a range of publications in the UK and Australia.

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Mark Gambino

Mark Gambino is a freelance journalist specialising in technology content, as well as business innovation and efficiency.

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Matt Meakins

Matt Meakins is a freelance writer and former software engineer with a keen interest in emerging technologies.

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Oliver Gaywood

Oliver Gaywood has worked in journalism and digital marketing and has written for a number of leading business blogs.

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Ruby Lohman

Ruby Lohman is an experienced writer, editor and proofreader who writes for a variety of publications and business clients.

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Stuart Corner

Stuart Corner has been writing on and analysing the changes wrought by I.T and telecommunications for over 30 years.

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Wayne Robinson

Wayne is an editor of Australia's oldest, most influential and best read print media title Australian Printer.

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Will Farrier

Will Farrier has written extensively on HR and recruitment issues and worked in both corporate and non-profit communications roles.

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